How Shortcuts Can Change Your Life on Your Chromebook

by Sydnee Cashio


Want to write with efficiency using a Chromebook? Go through these helpful steps!

1.Push the CTRL key, the ALT key and the “?” mark simultaneously to find a list of shortcuts.

Ctrl + Alt + -

A.While the list is open, you push the CTRL key and it will show you all of the shortcuts you can use with the CTRL key.

Copy of Ctrl + Alt + Shift (2)

B. As well as the SHIFT key + various other keys


C.The ALT key will do the same while on the list.


2.Some of these shortcuts include copying, pasting, opening a new tab, and undo. You can combine the CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT keys to make certain commands.

3. Some shortcuts using the Control Key are the following:

a. Bookmarking a page using

Ctrl + T (1)

b. You can reload a page using

Ctrl + r

c. You can use the following to Close a Tab

Ctrl + W (1)

4. Some shortcuts using the Shift

a. Scroll up one page using

Shift and Space

b.  Find previous Text using

Shift and Enter2

5. Some shortcuts using the Alt Key

a. Caps lock

Alt  and search

b. Open next window

Alt  and tab

Videos on Steps in Motion

GIF of the Shortcut List opening

First_Video_for_Student_Help_Desk (3).gif

How will this make the life of a Chromebook user easier?

This will help students know exactly the power beneath their fingertips. If they can have more efficiency and swiftness within their typing then, they can fully utilize what technology they have.


Bio Picture (1)Bio – Sydnee Cashio – Student

Sydnee (@Sydnee_Cashio) is a Senior at Ash Grove High School and plays basketball, volleyball, track, and softball . She also considers herself as mediocre at Google Drawing as well as Google Docs.




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