Student Collaboration via Google Hangout Part 1 by Dalton McGregor


Using Google Hangouts:

Note: Sending a Hangout message is essentially an email made simple. Every message on Hangout sent via school emails is recorded by staff and can be viewed at any time.

Simple and helpful for classroom activities when used correctly. It can be used for simple everyday conversation and also help you get through that one group assignment that is worth 50% of your grade. Here’s some ways you can collaborate with other students through hangouts…

Steps Using Hangouts:

  1. Open up Google Chrome browser
  2. Click on the Google Apps square in top right corner of screenGoogle Apps Bar
  3. Click on Google Hangouts app icon. You will now be loaded onto the Hangouts page
  4. Now the process is simple… Click the search bar “New Conversation” to contact the people you would like to connect with for a group assignment or a conversation. REMEMBER: YOUR CONVERSATIONS CAN BE VIEWED AT ANY TIME BY GOOGLE APPS ADMINISTRATORS 
  5. Now a text box will pop up to the right. Now just type your message and hit enter button on your keyboard to send!                                                                                             NOTE: YOU CAN START A VIDEO CHAT BY CLICKING THE CAMERA IN THE TOP LEFT OF THE CONVERSATION BOX
Untitled drawing (1).png
This is how  conversations will look if you access your Hangout messages via Gmail. (This is where you will most likely be accessing your messages)

Hopefully you have a great understanding on using the messages portion of Google Hangouts! In Part 2 of Student Collaboration you will learn on how to use video chat features! Part 2″


Dalton McGregor is Junior at Ash Grove High who has a love for the sport of boxing. He’s also an expert at Google drawings because of his creativity.







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