Shortcuts to Navigate Tabs on Chrome OS – By Luke

These simple tips can save time in your busy days, you’re welcome!



Screenshot 2016-08-23 at 3.01.21 PM.png

(NOTE:        “+” is ‘and’       “/” is ‘or’)

Copy of Ctrl + Alt + Shift

1. New tab

  1. Type Ctrl + T
    1. Type to search

Ctrl + T

2. Close tab

  1. Type Ctrl + W

Untitled drawing (1)

3. Bring the tab back

  1. Type Ctrl + Shift + T

Ctrl + Alt + - (1)

4.Navigate Tabs

  1. Type Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 

Untitled drawing (3)

5. Move Windows

  1. Type Alt + [ or ]

Untitled drawing (4)

TIP: To find new commands Alt + Ctrl + /

See These Steps In Motion With This Video:


IMG_20160829_150029Luke (@LukeK4Prez_15) is an Ash Grove High School Student in a small town in Southwest Missouri. He is a part of the Student Tech. Help Desk led by (@coachhoup24). He is also a part of the technology committee, bringing technology to the classrooms of the Ash Grove District.


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