CAN NOT Layer on Docs? Solution Here in Only 5 Steps!

There is currently no way to actually layer images in Google Docs, but… Here’s a 5 step easy solution to get around that problem!

Happy Emoji.png

Google Chrome  Logo


  1. Open Up Chrome, Docs, & Drawings                                                           Click on Google Chrome. Then click the Google Apps bar and click Google Docs. Then open up your desired Google Doc you wish to layer images on. Also, open up Google Drawings.
    google drawing logo.png
    Google Drawing Logo/Icon

    To open Google Drawings type in in the address bar and Drawings will be opened

    Google Apps Bar
  2. Find Images – Add Them                                                                                                                   Find the images you want to layer and insert/past them on the Google Drawing. Next, you want to layer them however you desire to layer them. Now once your images are on the Google Drawing you now can layer them how you desire.
  3. Order Image to Front/Back                                                                                                               To layer images on Drawings right click on the image you wish to send forward or backwards. Next, hold your mouse over the word “Order” then you will see options for bringing the image to the front or back or however you desire to position the image. Click on whatever option you desire.
    Image of Downloading as PNG (.png)
    Untitled drawing (4).png
    Address bar above



  4. Download Image as PNG  
    Now that this is done the process is simple. Click “File” in the top left corner then click “Download as” and then click “PNG Image” (.png). Now your image will be downloaded onto your computer. Next, open up the Doc you previously had opened that you wish to have the layered images on.
  5. Insert Image on Doc – Finished!                                                                                          Once on the Doc click “Insert”, “Image…”, “Choose an Image to Upload”, then double-click your image that you made on the Google Drawings and your image will now be inserted on your Doc.

Congratulations! Now you know how to fully overcome the problem of not being able to layer images on Google Docs!




Dalton McGregor is Junior at Ash Grove High who has a love for the sport of boxing. He’s also an expert at Google drawings because of his creativity.






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