Downloading Extensions, Apps, Games and Themes from the Chrome Webstore – Larry Fry III

`Downloading Extensions, Apps, Games and Themes on Chromebooks

Ever feel like Chrome is just sort of missing something? Whether that is a application, an extension for your browser to add some utility, or even a game. Using this simple guide you can find and add these things to google chrome easily and quickly.

To get started with any of these just go to


Extensions are small applications that get added to your browser. They often get stored in the top right of your tool bar right under the close and minimize button. They add extra features and functionality to chrome. To get started looking at all the extensions you can add to chrome just click on the extensions tab to the left side of the web store.


The extensions section of the web store will then be shown to you. Below is a short video walking you through the steps to adding these extensions to chrome.


A couple Extensions I would recommend checking out are Google Shortener, Google Keep, and AdBlocker Plus.


Apps are more standalone programs that run in your browser or take you to a website where that application is located. They are more robust and often have more features then extensions. To get started looking at all the applications you can add to your Chromebook just click on the apps tab to the left side of the web store.


Just click on an application that looks interesting to you to open panel that has more details on it. Just click add to chrome to add that application to your apps. Please refer to the video above for more details, as the process is very similar. However most of them will not be used from your toolbar, rather you can find them in your app drawer. I will show you how to find them in the video below.  

A couple Apps I would recommend checking out are Quizlet, LucidCharts, and GeoGebra.


To get started downloading games just navigate to the games tab on the top left of your web store.


Many of the games on the chrome web store are not very educational or do not run well on most Chromebooks in my experiences. For these reasons, as a student I have mostly stayed away from games on the web store.

If you do however find a game that you would like to add to chrome just add it using the same method found in the video for extensions. You can then launch the game from the app drawer on your Chromebook.

The only game I have ever used on a Chromebook is solitary. You can’t beat the classics.


Themes are a great way to give your Chromebook a little bit of personality. To get started adding themes to chrome just click the Themes tab on the top left side of the web store.

-Themes Tab.jpg

To add a theme to chrome find one that looks appealing to you and click on it to open up the more details window about the theme. Just click the add to chrome button and the theme will download and be applied to your browser. 

My favorite themes are Black Red Shares and Dark Theme. They are very simple and dark themes which is very easy on the eyes.

Pro-tip on Themes – Be Careful!

The only thing that you might be weary of when downloading themes is that some of them could have viruses attached to them. I would recommend only downloading themes that have had many people give them good ratings.



Larry (@Larry_Fry_III) is 17 years old, from Bois D’Arc, MO; in his Senior year at Ash Grove High School. He loves everything that has to do with technology. He is also attending OTC’s Computer Information Science course. Larry plans to go on in life to become a programmer or a web developer. He consider myself an expert with google docs and “simi” coding expert in Python, C#, and HTML 5/Css.


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