Importing Grades to SIS from an External Gradebook

Importing Grades to SIS From an External Spreadsheet

By Nick Manning

Some teachers may find it a hassle to enter student grades one by one. So to help all you Teachers out, here is a blog showing you all how to import grades to SIS from an external spreadsheet.

Step One: Log into Tyler SIS. This can be accessed from the homepage of the school’s website (

Step 2: From the View/Maintain tab, select “End of Term Grading”.

Step 3: Click on Actions > Import Grades from External Gradebook.


Step 4: Click the “Choose File” button to browse for the grade file to be uploaded.

The file should be tab-delimited with the following columns (but no headings):

Student ID Regular State ID

Course Code Subject+Section all together, for example H502003 (forH5010-03).

Term Code P=Progress, T or Q=Term, X=Exam, S=Semester

Letter Grade For example, A, B-, P, etc.


Step 5: Click the “Upload” button, a message will appear at the top left state the file was successfully Uploaded.


Step 6: Click the “Import” button to complete the import.

Now you have successfully imported grades from an external gradebook and saved yourself a great deal of time.

Bio – Nick Manning

20160830_102530Nick (@ManningHelpDesk) is a Junior at Ash Grove High School and a student in the ASSIST help desk. He is brother to Lindsay Buckley, (@Lbuckley08) the Librarian at the Ash Grove School District in southwest Missouri. His dream is to attend college for computer science and make innovations in the computer and technology industry. His Google Apps Jam is working with Google Forms and creating polls and tests.



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