Keeping Information Organized and Manageable with Google Apps- By Zachary Bingham


Whether you have a myriad of student assignments to sort, or homework galore, staying organized can be crucial. These are some basic tips on how to do so.

Getting Started:

1. Setting up Google Drive

First you are going to want to know how to properly utilize google drive and their file       system to have a secure online storage location.It can also be used to share information with others. A guide on how to do so is located here  (written by Assist student Nick Manning – @ManningHelpDesk).


2.  Utilizing Google Classroom 

Google Classroom automatically creates folders specified to keeping papers and tests from each individual class. (This only works if you are the teacher in that class )  but it will significantly reduce the clutter involved with keeping track of  assignments.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 at 10.35.02 AM

*NOTE*: When students submit assignments through classroom it automatically adds that assignment to the classes folder.

*NOTE*:  Google Classroom also allows students receive  to an individual copy of the file that they can change.


3. Using Google Keep To “Keep” Track

A great tool for tracking list can easily be accomplished  by “Google Keep.”  Earlier this year I completed a blog about google keep and how it can make life easier for yourself as a teacher and for students.. It is located here.

Google Keep

4. Grading Tests or Quizzes

Google Forms is a lifesaver for grading as it saves you time on multiple choice, true or false, and matching questions. It can also keep track of each students essay questions right on google forms. Max Cashio (@CashioHelpDesk also incorporated Flubaroo which he wrote about in his blog post.


Video Instructions For Getting Started:




Zachary Bingham is a senior currently attending Ash Grove High School.His favorite after school activities are playing video games, watching  anime, and creating programs. Knowledge fuels his day to day life as well as exploring new ideas. Prior experience with technology he has had is  taking OTC  Computer Information Science classes for 2 years. He also has had experience with programming languages such as Python,  C#, HTML, and CSS.

Twitter: @zbinghamAG




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