How to Add Applications to a Chromebook

Have you ever been really unsure on how to download certain applications to your new Chromebook? Here are some helpful steps!


1.First press the search button on your Chromebook keyboard(located in the very left side  in the middle of the keyboard)


2.Push the Chrome web store button

Image result for chrome web store button

3.Type what application you would like to add to your Chromebook(in the left corner of the webpage)

Screenshot 2016-09-27 at 11.14.17 AM.png

4.Click the button shown below


Recommended Apps!

I recommend many apps for google education as well as efficiency. Some of them include the following: MindMap, Google Keep, and Google Sites.

MindMap: Creates neat looking diagrams and notes in an organized manner.


Google Keep: Used to keep track of important lists. It is also used for reminders.


Google Sites: Helps create a website.



In the video I talk about there is a Web Store button after you click the search button. The Cast system I used did not support that Web Store tab being shown so here’s a screenshot!Screenshot 2016-10-06 at 7.34.52 PM.png



How will this new knowledge make the life of a Chromebook user better?

This will make the life of a Chromebook user better because they can easily add and utilize many applications to their Chromebook, making it much more efficient.

Bio Picture (1)Bio – Sydnee Cashio – Student

Sydnee (@Sydnee_Cashio) is a Senior at Ash Grove High School and plays basketball, volleyball, track, and softball . She also considers herself as mediocre at Google Drawing as well as Google Docs.


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