Transitioning Photos on Google Sites by Mason Keith

When making a Google Site, you need to gain the attention of the viewers so they can look into your website. One way to add an attention getter to your website is to add pictures. Using the new Google Sites, you can add transitioning photos. In this blog, I will show you the steps on how to add transitioning photos to your website.


  1. Make a Google Slide to put your pictures. To make a slide; go to drive, click on New, and click slides. From there, click Make a New Slide. If you do not know how to use Google Slides, check out Tyler Howell’s blog Slides:

  2. From here, create a blank slide; top left corner, +icon,  add blank slide.

  3. Insert the images you want for your site. Make sure that only 1 picture is on an individual slide. blog-2-step-1

  4. Make your Google Site; Drive, New, Google Site. The new Google Sites is accessed through Drive but the old one is through . The new Google sites should be updated as the main Google sites in the near future. If you need any more assistance with Sites, go to

  5. Once you are on your site, you will then add the slides you made. Watch this video to see the steps:

I hope these steps have helped your knowledge in using Google Sites and Google Slides. My goal was to explain it the easiest way possible and I hope I reached my goal. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope I can help you in the future.


IMG_0844Mason Keith (@maskeithHD) is a Senior at Ash Grove High School. He is a member of the Ash Grove Student Help Desk. Mason plays baseball and football and is also involved in BETA, FBLA, and STUCCO. He plans on attending OTC and then Missouri State pursing a career in Business.


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