How to organize your gmail using labels and inboxes

How to organize your gmail using filters


Has this ever been you? Having hundreds if not thousands of emails just sitting in your inbox? Have you ever lost a really important email and could not find it again?

Using Labels and user set filters you can bring down that inbox count to 0 and make sure that you never lose an important email in your inbox again.

Creating your first filter

First open a new tab and open your gmail account. You will be taken to your main inbox where you can see all of your mail. Find an email that you want to sort with a separate inbox and click the check box to the very far left of the email.


Next you have to go to the tool bar at the top and click more. Then you need to click, Filter Messages like these

Fitler Messages (1).png

You will then be shown a message drop down that has a lot of blank fields and the top one says

From: “The email you selected”. Then click create filter with this search to be taken to a new menu where you can create the settings for your new filter.


What all can you do?

From this menu you can apply all sorts of settings to your new label. Personally I like to create a label that is then shown on each email you get from that address and give it a unique color.

To create a label just click the drop down that says choose label and then click new label. You will be presented with a short settings screen like this one here.


Just enter the name of the label that you want to be displayed. If you want you can nest it under another label for even more organization. For example I just made a label for all my emails from Missouri S&T admissions and since that is related to school I put that under the High school label. Just make sure to check the box that says “Apple the Label”. the check box that says “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” to apply your new filter to all the emails in your inbox that match that address.

Filtering as soon as emails arrive

You can also do really cool things like anytime you get an email from this address you caninstantly delete it or mark it as spam. You can also mark emails as important or read as soon as you get them.screenshot-2016-11-10-at-11-19-09-am

Make sure to click the checkbox that says “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” to apply your new filter to all the emails in your inbox that match that address.

How to edit your filters

To see all your filters and inboxes just hover your mouse over the toolbar to very far left of your gmail page. You will then see a list of all your labels and their corresponding colors. Just click on the little drop down arrow to open a box of options for that label.


From here you can change the labels color, hide or show emails that have been set with this label. Edit this label or add sublabels to it with their own parameters. You can even delete the label if you don’t want it any more or really need to make drastic changes to what the filter is.

But what’s the end goal here?

By organizing your inbox you can quickly search and find important emails and keep all your different organizations and groups in their separate little sections. I personally just like to see everything in my main inbox but with the colored labels so I can instantly sort out which emails came from what groups.

My goal for every day is to make sure that I have 0 unread messages in my inbox. Using the labels and sorting methods explained above I have been able to meet that goal for the past month and a half, every single day



Larry (@Larry_Fry_III) is 17 years old, from Bois D’Arc, MO; in his Senior year at Ash Grove High School. He loves everything that has to do with technology. He is also attending OTC’s Computer Information Science course. Larry plans to go on in life to become a programmer or a web developer. He consider myself an expert with google docs and “simi” coding expert in Python, C#, and HTML 5/Css.


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