Must READ! Converting YouTube Video to Gif

How to convert any YouTube video to a Gif in only 5 simple steps! Let’s get started!

  1. Open up Google Chrome or your favorite browser. (I would recommend using Google Chrome) Now, click on the address bar untitled-drawing-4and type in Note: You can also simply click the link provided.
  2. You will now need to open up and locate and click on your YouTube video you would like to convert into a Gif. Once you have located your favorite video you need to copy the url of said video. In order to copy the url follow the video linked here!              Youtube to gif.png
  3. Now click the YouTube to Gif button on the screen
    . Now simply paste your YouTube
    video URL where it says “Enter YouTube
    URL” and click “Load Video”.
  4. For This step refer to the following image below. On this page you can customize all of the settings of your Gifs.Youtube to Gif Pic.png
  5. Now click “Create a Gif” and you’re all done! Refer to image below about what you can do after it is created.

Gif tutorial.png

Now you’re the pro! You just learned to convert your YouTube video to a Gif!

Thumbs up.gif




Dalton McGregor is Junior at Ash Grove High who has a love for the sport of boxing. He’s also an expert at Google drawings because of his creativity.






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