How to Add Efficiency to Your Omnibox

Ever wanted to quickly search your EMail or drive? Follow these Steps!


If you are an avid user of Google Drive or Google EMail and want to utilize then these tips will help you

Step One

Right-click in the Omnibox and click on the “Edit search engines” button.

Screenshot 2016-11-10 at 1.40.47 PM.png

Then scroll all the way down to see these lines, then fill in the following data.

Add these lines of data to the open boxes at the bottom of the tab. The boxes are shown below


Step Two

New Search Engine or First Slot: Google Drive
Middle Slot: gdr
URL or Third Slot:

Step Three

New Search Engine or First Slot: Gmail
Middle Slot:
URL or Third Slot:

Step Four

You can also do all of these with YouTube as well, which looks like the following. (Youtube should already be a shortcut)


screenshot-2016-11-11-at-12-19-54-pmThen you can serve

Step Five

 To search your email type gml and search what person or email topic you would like to look up within your email. Likewise with a google drive if you want to search a document you have then just type gdr then hit the tab button and then type what you want to search.

Video (Puts Steps into Action)



Bio Picture (1)Bio – Sydnee Cashio – Student

Sydnee (@Sydnee_Cashio) is a Senior at Ash Grove High School and plays basketball, volleyball, track, and softball . She also considers herself as mediocre at Google Drawing as well as Google Docs.


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