How To Auto Populate My Maps Using Google Sheets

Create a Google Sheet:

First create a google sheet. Label each column according to what your google sheets is over. You must find the latitude and longitude in order to place a point in a certain location then place it in the columns according to where you want the point to go.

Ex.  screenshot-2016-11-08-at-10-09-09-am

Create a My Maps: First create a My Map. Add a new layer and name it corresponding to your topic.  


Once you have both of these done you can now auto populate you my map.

Step 1:

 On the layer that was created click the import button 


Step 2:

Then go to your drive and pick the google sheet needed


Step 3:

In order to place a point in the absolute location choose the absolute location column.Then choose latitude and longitude


Step 4:

Then choose any column as you wish to name the points.


Step 6:

Click finish and you’re done


Bio- Kyle Pratt

IMG_0909Kyle (@PrattMaster1) is a Junior at Ash Grove High School and a student in the Assist Help Desk. He is on the Ash Grove track team and a member of FBLA. After High School he plans on going to college to become a physical therapist.



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