MUST READ: The Most Useful Shortcuts for Gmail. – By Zachary Bingham

If you want to increase your overall efficiency with google’s Gmail, then this is the blog for you! Shortcuts can be a tremendous time saver allowing you to send out more emails, stay organized, and improve work productivity.

To begin using the shortcuts provided in Gmail, you must first enable them in your setting.

Settings For Help Desk (1).png


Go to settings in the top right corner of your Gmail.
Under the General tab, scroll down until you see Keyboard settings.
Select “on” to turn on keyboard shortcuts.
Scroll and click Save at the bottom of the page.

When viewing your list of emails, pressing  the J key will allow you to go down the list, and pressing K will go back up the list:




To select a continuous series of emails, I check the box for an email, hold Shift, then check another email which highlights all emails between those two:



If you want to compose a message from the inbox view, press  the c key to pop up a new message box:

C Key.png


While in the midst of reading a message you can press r t0 respond directly and efficiently:


Pressing f will forward the message that you are reading  to whomever  you specify


When reading through a message and would like to revert it back to being unread, you simply press shift+u.



To exit the current email and mark it as read, press the u key.


I hope this guide has helped you to become more efficient at email management! I know that these shortcuts alone have saved me hours when writing multiple emails as well as clearing my inbox.



Zachary Bingham is a senior currently attending Ash Grove High School.His favorite after school activities are playing video games, watching  anime, and creating programs. Knowledge fuels his day to day life as well as exploring new ideas. Prior experience with technology he has had is  taking OTC  Computer Information Science classes for 2 years. He also has had experience with programming languages such as Python,  C#, HTML, and CSS.

Twitter: @zbinghamAG


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