How To Create a Python File With a Chromebook

Python is a great beginner programming language and can open the wonderful world of coding to beginners who are overwhelmed by the premise of code. If you are even curious I implore you to explore codecademy for a bit just to see what it is like. I was stressed about coding but then I started playing around with python and was hooked instantly. If you know how to use python and what to create a python file on a chromebook this is an awesome resource.

  1. Go the Python Editor (
  2. While on this page click “ctrl” + “d”
  3. Now edit your python code
    1. If you do not know how to use python go to and create an acount
      1. NOTE: You can learn more than just python on this site
  4. Save your super awesome program! Click “Export” on the upper tool bar to finish your code and it will be saved to your desktop.
  5. If you want to work on your code after the fact just click open on the same toolbar and find the file you want to edit.pythin-editor

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