Student Collaboration via Google Hangouts Part 2


If you missed Part 1 click here! Using Google Hangouts Part 1!

On part 2 of using Google Hangouts you will learn how to use the Video Chat features.

  1. Open Up Hangouts: If you need or would like to video connect with a student via Video Call first open Google Chrome then open up Google Hangouts as done in Part 1. Click “Video Call”. This is where Hangouts gets more in-depth
  2. Make Hangout Name: To create a video chat room click the box that says “Enter a Hangout name” and make the name whatever you would like your chat room to be called
  3. Allow Mic to be Accessed: A box will pop up and ask if you would like to allow your microphone and webcam to be used during video call. Click “Allow” (The box will be at the top left of your screen)
  4. Invite People: To invite people to video chat room click the blue box in the center of screen that says “Invite People”.
  5. Accepting Invites to Hangouts: Type in the person’s email you would like to chat with and an invitation will be sent to the person to chat. If the said person accepts the request then you will simply start chatting with them. Now follow the two videos posted below to learn how to share your own screen via Video Chat and to get a visual on using Hangouts to Video Chat!


Now you’re an expert on using Google Hangouts! Just remember if you’d like to have a more private conversation use another email that way the staff cannot view it.

Untitled drawing (6).png



Dalton McGregor is Junior at Ash Grove High who has a love for the sport of boxing. He’s also an expert at Google drawings because of his creativity.




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