Add Sticky Notes to Google Chrome!

Have you ever wanted to be able to keep track of homework assignments? How about write reminds you can see every time you log onto your Chromebook? Now you can using a free Chrome Web Store app!

Step One- Install the app

You’ll need to install the app to get started. Go to the Chrome Web Store by the Launcher menu on your Chromebook, located in the bottom left corner. This will take you to the proper website to download the app. Now you will need to search “Sticky Notes” in the top left corner search bar. There are a few different apps, but this blog features the app highlighted.



Step Two- Open the App

Once the app is downloaded and installed you’ll want to open it to begin. If it is not located on your shelf at the bottom of the screen, find it in the Launcher in the bottom left corner. It will look like a pad of sticky notes. Once you click it you can start adding notes!another-one

Step Three- Start Taking Notes!

A yellow window will appear. This is where you take notes. The app works on the same principle as Google Docs. The top bar as pictured hold the options. The “+” button creates another note. The  trash bin deletes the note. The “f” lets you select your different fonts, font sizes, bullet point/lists, and other tools. The “M” is the menu button. This gives you your setting options.



Here is an example note. A great use is keeping track of homework!


You can also:

  • Set reminders for yourself!
  • Write down notes from a website or teacher!
  • Keep a to-do list!



Paul Brugh ( @PaulBrugh )  is a senior at Ash Grove High School. He is the centerfielder for Ash Grove Pirates baseball and a superfan during any home sports game. Paul is currently taking Industrial Maintenance classes at OTC thanks to the help of Ash Grove High School. He hopes to continue his journey through college at Missouri S&T to become a petroleum engineer while learning to be a jack of all trades.


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