How To Use Tour Builder

Tour Builder is a new way to show people the places you’ve visited and the experiences you had along the way using Google Earth. It lets you pick the locations right on the map, add in photos, text, and video, and then share your creation.

Creating a Tour: 

Step 1-

Select create a tour.


Step 2-

Name the tour and give an author’s name.


Step 3-

Select create a tour.

Step 4-

Create an introduction by adding a photo, give a brief description of your tour, and choose a color for your path.


Step 5-

Select add a location


Step 6-

Give the location a name, add pictures, give dates it started and stopped, give brief descriptions of what happened, and you can choose a different location icon. 

Screenshot 2016-12-11 at 7.37.42 PM.png

Adding more locations to the map will result in Tour Builder automatically creating a colored line path.

Screenshot 2016-12-15 at 10.32.56 AM.png

Example Tour


Kyle (@PrattMaster1) is a Junior at Ash Grove High School and a student in the Assist Help Desk. He is on the Ash Grove track team and a member of FBLA. After High School he plans on going to college to become a physical therapist.IMG_0909


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