Thing Translator – Kaelin Tate


Have you been looking for a fun and easy way to learn different words in different languages. “Thing Translator” maybe the answer to your learning desires. This program works by the user pointing their cellphone camera at the desired item, and “Thing Translator” tells you how to pronounce the name of the item in another language.

Step 1 

Grab any item (such as an apple) and place it on a neutral flat surface to be photographed and translated

Easy point & shoot method make translating items easier than ever

Step 2

“Thing Translator” has  an abundance of world-wide known languages. So when choosing which language you would like the item translated to, you aren’t restricted. Set the language you would like the item translated to.

Different languages are available (shown here, Spanish)

Step 3

Take a picture of the desired object with “Thing Translator” 


Any Item can be scanned and translated for the users pleasure

Now You’re Done

You’ve successfully used “Thing Translator” to learn a new word in another language!

This works through the AICloud. AICloud is an online storage server where you can save pictures in order to access them from anywhere and from any computer. Everything is saved specifically to your account so that nobody else can see your photos. Your cell phone sends data to the cloud, and it compares it with other information such as pictures. It takes the top picture of that item and sends you information (the name of it in English, and in another language of your choice).

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About the Author


A Junior at Ash Grove High School, Kaelin Tate is 16. He wrote this blog about the wonderful program “Thing Translator” for a class assignment in help desk.


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