Music Learning Machine

Have you ever wondered what a computer would do if it was played thousands of sounds without any sort of organization? What would the computer think about those sounds, and how would it organize them? Well three really smart Computer scientists had that exact question and they actually brought the project to life in the form of a drum machine that is live via google’s machine learning website.


But what is actually going on here? Let us explore how machine learning categorizes sound.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the sub-field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. This does not make the computer intelligent or free thinking. The only thing that the computer can do is take in information and organize it however the computer sees fit. Google was very fascinated by machine learning and they invited independent studios join them in building really cool applications using machine learning.

What are the benefits?

Machine learning is being worked on more every day to help in many different professional and educational areas. Computers will be able to organize data without having to be explicitly told how to and that could save many hours of coding and tweaking to a system.

The more Computer Scientists look into machine learning the closer we will get to true artificial intelligence in computers.  We will be able to take a random list of files, like the drum machine files, and just let the computer organize them in a smart way. This opens whole new doors in all fields that use computers and will make computer use much more organic. 

For more info about Machine Learning Click Here for more information.

What is the Infinite drum machine?


Above is a picture of all the sounds on the drum machine, every single dot is a different sound.

Three computer scientists/musicians, Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, Yotam Mann and their friends at google, took thousands of everyday sounds and noises and gave them to a computer to find out how the computer would organize them. They then plotted all the sounds on a graph and built a drum machine around using these randomly organized sounds. By mousing over the sounds they will play, allowing individuals to explore the graph of sounds and see how the computer grouped them together. After selecting a few of them one can try and make a drum beat out of the random sounds using the dots at the bottom of the screen.


Extra Features

Hitting the random button will pump out four random sounds and clicking the tempo button can change the tempo of the beat. Clicking about will give information about the project. Clicking the filter button to view many different filters for the sounds or make custom own searches.


A short video from the creators


img_20161215_110244Larry (@Larry_Fry_III) is 18 years old, from Bois D’Arc, MO; in his Senior year at Ash Grove High School. He loves everything that has to do with technology. He is also attending OTC’s Computer Information Science course. Larry plans to go on in life to become a programmer or a web developer. He consider myself an expert with google docs and “simi” coding expert in Python, C#, and HTML 5/Css.


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