The Survey Says….Google Feud! by Mason Keith

Google Feud is a fun little game that Google has created that lets you play Family Feud but uses the top Google search results as the answers. It is a fun experience that allows people to learn more from google and keeping them entertained for hours.

To get to Google Feud:

Search Google Feud and it’s the first result that pops up.

Here is the link to the website-


How to play:

The game gives you 4 options to choose from to start playing; culture, people, names, and questions. When you pick one, you get 4 chances to complete the 10 answer table. The questions that are asked are popular topics people have searched on the Google search engine. The answers are popular questions people have asked about the topic.

Here is a video that displays how the game looks and operates.

Linking the game to Google Search Engine:

When the answers pop up, you have the option to click on them which will take you to the search results of that question. It is a great way to do research within a game. (14).gif


Google is growing rapidly day by day and has not slowed down. Many tools are available to use to help benefit your work, research, or social interaction.  Google Feud is a unique tool offered by Justin Hook using the Google API.  It’s fun game that keeps you entertained while getting work done.


IMG_0844Mason Keith (@maskeithHD) is a Senior at Ash Grove High School. He is a member of the Ash Grove Student Help Desk. Mason plays baseball and football and is also involved in BETA, FBLA, and STUCCO. He plans on attending OTC and then Missouri State pursing a career in Business.


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