How To Easily Replace A Chromebook Battery

 If your Chromebook is running through it’s battery faster than you are, it’s time to replace it . Here’s how:

*NOTICE*: All of these steps are being done on an Acer C740 Chromebook which means these steps may not match exactly with your current chromebook. Although, the steps will still be very similar.


In order to complete this guide you are going to need the following materials:

  • phillps head screwdriver with a magnetic head (I recommend a small to medium size, nothing larger than a water bottle).

  • A new battery for your chromebook (of course)

  • OPTIONAL: A container to keep the differing screws seperate while deconstructing the chromebook

Powering Off The Chromebook:

First, power off your chromebook so you prevent corrupting any files or damaging your system. To do so, press and hold the power button for three seconds.


Removing The Back Cover:

Next, close the Chromebook and turn the bottom facing upwards. Here is where the phillips head screwdriver will come into use. The arrows on this image indicate the placement of the screws that need to be removed in order to access the interior of the chromebook.



Once all of the screws have been removed I suggest putting them in a spot that is difficult for them to fall off or in a container. Your chromebook should now be looking somewhat like the image below.


 Removing The Inner Screws:

Now you will need to remove the inner screws (as marked in the image below) and keep them separate from the previously removed ones.


 Removing Battery Connections:

Before finally removing the battery, make sure that the connections to the motherboard are unplugged (The connections are shown in the image below), then proceed to exchange the batteries. Then, just reverse the steps of this blog and you have successfully replaced a chromebook battery.




Zachary Bingham is a senior currently attending Ash Grove High School.His favorite after school activities are playing video games, watching  anime, and creating programs. Knowledge fuels his day to day life as well as exploring new ideas. Prior experience with technology he has had is taking OTC  Computer Information Science classes for 2 years. He also has had experience with programming languages such as Python,  C#, HTML, and CSS.

Twitter: @zbinghamAG


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