Improved writing by Speaking!

Fast and Easy

Voice to text can be used on almost all phones nowadays but mainly just smartphones such as LG and iPhone’s.

Easy Texting/Typing

Many people type by hand ideas or thoughts in their head every day, whether its by phone or computer.


Speak your mind to type

While typing its easy to get stuck and forget what popped into mind.


A Quicker way to type

By using voice to text, this allows for someone to let their thoughts flow onto the screen just as fast as they think of them.


Now there is an improved way of texting or typing up an essay, and its called voice to text! A way of being able to say everything without forgetting or getting halted. By using voice to text this allows an individual to speak what comes to mind first and not having to worry about the typing speed keeping up with the thoughts that are going through the mind.


Bio: Riley Benton (@beefcakes39) is an Ash Grove high school student who loves sports and is also a member of FBLA, STUCCO and FFA.  He plans on going to a community college and learning multiple of handy skills and applying that to his future job.


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