The Simple Guide to Replacing a Chromebook Screen

Have you ever dropped your Chromebook and had the screen break on you? Possibly shut the lid on something and cracked the screen? Luckily, you don’t have to take it to some expensive shop and get that screen replaced. In this simple guide I will show you where you can get a replacement screen and using only a screwdriver and about 15 minutes of your time you can have a brand new screen on your Chromebook.

What model do you have?

Today I will be replacing the screen for an Acer C740. You can find your model on the underside of your chrome book. There should be a small sticker that says the model number for the chrome book. Once you have the model number you can search for the right screen for your chrome book.

Screenshot 2017-02-23 at 1.31.29 PM.pngA great website to find replacement screens for a chrome book (or  other parts you might need) is . Just look up the correct screen for the model of chrome book you have and order it in. Most of them cost between $40 and $70  unless you have a touchscreen. A touch screen monitor costs around $150.

Getting the cover off

20170214_110256First you must peel off the black over around the screen. Start by getting your finger nail or a thin object like a flat head screwdriver under the bottom of the cover.

Be careful not to go to quickly while popping off the cover. The edges of the plastic can be sharp and can cut your hand/finger very easily.

Continue to peel of the cover by running your20170214_110314

fingers under the cover and popping it out of place.




Removing the bad screen

Once the cover is off, there will be four screws holding in the screen. Below is a graphic that highlights the four screws that hold in the screen.


Take out those four screws and make sure to place these screws in a location where they cannot roll away. They are very small and nearly impossible to find if dropped.

Once those four screws are out the screen can be genitally lifted from its place. Personally I like to set the screen down onto the keyboard in order to remove the plug that connects it to the base. Peel off the tape that holds down the plug and then remove the plug. The old screen is now free and ready to be thrown out.


Next put the new screen on the keyboard upside down so that it can be plugged in. Make sure to get the pins all the way into the female side on the new screen. Once the new screen is plugged in and secured using the tape on the plug, the new screen can be set on the top half of the chrome book in preparation to be screwed in.

Before the new screen is screwed down, power on the chrome book and make sure that the new screen is working. If it is than you are ready to screw it down and secure it in place. If it does not, check the connection of the plug on the screen. If the plug is securely in place than it is possible that your new screen is not compatible with your chrome book or was damaged out of the box. Contact the customer support service of the site you bought the screen from in order to try and receive a refund or replacement.

Replacing the Cover

Once the new screen is secured down you can replace the black cover around the screen. Start by pushing in the grey hinge connector. Push the two connectors in like the image below shows.


Once the two hinges are in place you and push the rest of the cover back into place. There will be snaps when they click back. Once the cover is all the way on the repair job is done. Congratulations on your new screen.



Larry (@Larry_Fry_III) is 18 years old, from Bois D’Arc, MO; in his Senior year at Ash Grove High School. He loves everything that has to do with technology. He is also attending OTC’s Computer Information Science course. Larry plans to go on in life to become a programmer or a web developer. He consider myself an expert with google docs and “simi” coding expert in Python, C#, and HTML 5/Css.


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