Interested In New Tech? Try A.I. Experiments.

With A.I. Technology being relatively new, many people are eager to mess around with the tech, and create really cool applications. You will learn about the experiments from

Giorgio Cam

Starts with the user taking a picture of any object, then the computer uses image recognition to label the object, and create song lyrics based off the label it provides.1

Quick, Draw!:

The computer generates random words for you to draw, and based off your drawing the computer has to guess the drawing.2

The Infinite Drum Machine:

This experiment uses everyday sounds, only the audio of them, and it places similar sounds together, it also allows the exploration of similar sounds, and make your own beats.3.png

Thing Translator:

This experiment allows you to take pictures of objects and it provides how to say it in a different language.4.png

Bird Sounds:

Uses machine learning to organize bird sounds, the computer wasn’t given tags or names, only audio, further showing how far along A.I. technology has come.5.png

A.I. Duet:

Allows music making through machine learning. A neural network was created in the experiment, and was given example melodies and built maps of notes and timings. All the user has to do is play a few notes, and see how the network responds.6.jpg

Visualizing High-Dimensional Space:

This experiments shows the users how machine learning works, and shows the connections the computer makes; by visualizing high-dimensional space.7

What Neural Networks See:

Experiment allows your camera to explore what neural nets see.

8Handwriting with a Neural Net:

This experiment lets you play with a neural network that generates strokes based on your own style of handwriting. 9


This is just the beginning of A.I. Applications/Experiments, hopefully innovators can continue these and push these ideas and creations much farther. The future looks bright for technology, and it looks like A.I. is leading the way.



Maxwell Cashio – Student

Maxwell Cashio (@CashioHelpDesk) is a senior at Ash Grove High School in Southwest Missouri. He is currently involved in many activities including: FBLA, FCCLA, Beta Club, Track & Field, Basketball, and Football. Max loves helping out classmates at school with Google Apps whenever he can. His favorite Google Application(s) would be Google Sheets/Forms and how they can do many things to improve productivity and efficiency in any job or hobby.


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