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With the rising demand for VR (virtual reality) in today’s society, it’s no surprise that some major companies are making a go at promoting this explosive trend into their company or products.

How a 360 Video is Made

If you haven’t done your research, then you are probably wondering how these 360 videos are even made. These interactive videos are made with a special 360 degree camera. Big companies like Samsung have made their own version of the 360 cam, and Nikon even made a water-proof version, used in the YouTube hit “Isle of Jaws”. 

Image result for isle of jaws youtube video
Image from “Isle of Jaws”

These cameras make filming everything happening all at once a possibility. The video is filmed just like any other video that you would shoot with your phone, it is then processed in a way that allows the gyro function in your phone to control the video and where you are looking during the video.

How to Find a 360 supported video on YouTube

New videos that support the 360 function pop up on YouTube every single day. You can easily find them all over the website. Just simply look up “360 YouTube video” in the search bar on YouTube’s home page. You can also follow this clickable link (“Isle of Jaws”) which will take you directly to the video. Screenshot 2017-02-13 at 11.26.39 AM.png

Usable Platforms

A lot of people, although not knowing about these videos, have heard all the rage about these “headsets that make you dizzy”. V.R. headsets have become very popular over the last couple of years, specifically in gaming, and for use with a mobile phone. Google stepped up to make what is called the “Google Cardboard”, a small cheap V.R. headset made out of cardboard, and two plastic magnifying lenses. You simply slide your phone in with a Cardboard compatible app or video and your ready to go.

More extreme versions of V.R. headsets have been made, and run on their own Operating System. They come built with the screens already on them, and that’s not all. The HTC Vive comes with two controllers that act as hands in some of the V.R. games that you can get for it.

Image result for htc vive
“HTC Vive” shown above

Along with the HTC Vive, there is another main stream V.R. Headset you may have heard about. Launched by Playstation as a prototype in 2016, and now available for the public to buy, The Playstation V.R. is making headlines everywhere, and if it wasnt strictly used for console gaming, the HTC Vive would have some pretty hefty competition.

“Playstation VR” shown above


Kaelin Tate was born in Ash Grove Missouri. He is involved in FBLA, Golf, Band, and Help Desk. Kaelin likes working on computers and being outdoors.

Twitter: @AG_King15


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