What Not To Do With a Chromebook

People tend to misuse Chromebooks in different ways sometimes without knowing it. In this blog will go over how to maintain and protect your Chromebook.

Screen Protection

  • When you are picking up your Chromebook pick do not pick it up by the screen.
  • The best way to pick it up is to use the base of the Chromebook.

Untitled image (4).jpg

  • Do not put pressure on the screen.
  • Try your best not to touch the screen.CrackedScreen1440x900_001.jpg


  • If the Chromebook is in your bag be careful with your bag don’t just throw your bag around
  • Set your bag down gently.

         Untitled image (3).jpg

  • If you are eating around your Chromebook try not to spill anything on it.
  • When eating do not go around the Chromebook.

Image result for someone pouring water on a chromebook

  • When using the track pad do not slam your fingers on it
  • Apply gentle pressure to the the track pad.

    Untitled image (1)

  • When typing do not just slam your fingers on the keys.
  • Apply just enough pressure that the keys type on the screen.


  • Do not leave it where someone can sit on it or step on it
  • Set it on a table or counter somewhere were no one will step on i      asus-chromebook-flip.jpg
  • Do not leave it to where something can get stuck in the USB, charging port or headphone jack
  • Set it where there is nothing that can get into the USB or any other area.

         Untitled image


My name is Cory Allen and I’m a senior at Ash Grove High School. I am currently an officer in our local FFA. After high school I plan to go to college to become a welder.


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