Making Posters with Google Drawings

How to Create a New Drawing

In order to create a new Google Drawing you need to open the Google Drawing website. You can do this through your google drive, or by searching “” in the omnibox.

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Drawing Board

Untitled drawing (2)
Some tools may not be available upon opening of drawing. In order to unlock these tools, one must first have selected a shape, image, or text box.

Google Drawing In-Depth Tutorial

Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 2.27.45 PM
Link: Google Drawing Cheat Sheet

In-Depth Guide by Austin Houp

Uses for Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a very useful platform, somewhat similar to the likes of Windows Paint, and Adobe Photoshop. In this program, the user is free to create shapes and banners of all sorts, and is able to create some pretty amazing stuff. Below is an example of some work that has been done on google drawings. Mainly created with shapes, this work of art is only a taste of what can be achieved on Google Drawings.

Untitled drawing (3)

Google Drawings has incorporated some really great tools into the users hands. Tools such as the poly line tool make creating things very easy. The polyline tool is a tool that can make any shape of any size, in any dimension or format. To use it, simply select it, and click to add a point. When you are finished making the desired shape, close it off by clicking the first point, and Google Drawings will recognize your work as a shape. You can color it like a shape, and add a border.

This is an example of some of the crazy shapes possible.

Google Drawings is a fantastic program with a lot to offer to the user, and somebody who needs to make posters and graphs on a daily basis, will find themselves hand in hand with this program upon discovery of it. Our Help Desk Team even created our own symbol using Google Drawings (see at very top of page). Of course this program is a google product, so it will be solid in performance, and user friendliness.




Kaelin Tate was born in raised in small town Ash Grove, MO. He enjoys playing golf on the school team, and contributing to his school Help Desk Team.






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