Using Google Trends

Using Google Trends

By Nick Manning

Google Trends is a site that shows what stories and topics are trending on Google, this site allows for people to look at a specific topics search rate and compare it to other searches. It also allows the user to look at search trends in different parts of the world.


Comparing Search Terms

When you open Google Trends, There is a search bar at the top of the page and allows the user to search the search rate of specific words or phrases.

When you do so it takes you to a page with options to change what region the trends show up from, the time frame for which the search rate shows up, the categories on which they searched, and what google app they used to search it on (Google Search, Images, YouTube, etc). (11).gif

Below that is a chart which the search rate is displayed based on your selections above. Below the chart there is a global map showing the regions which your term or phrase is most searched in.

Below that shows the related topics and queries to the term or phrase you searched. At the top of the page you will see the term you searched at the left and to the right it gives you the option to compare the search rate of another term with the first term you searched. And you can do this more than just once.

Google Trends on other Google Apps

On the Main page of Google Trends, at the top left you can see the lines, if you click on that it’ll open a sidebar and gives you the options to, Explore, look at the trending searches, look at what is trending on YouTube, look at the top charts, and to check on your subscriptions (subscriptions being topics and stories you want updated on). (12).gif

Bio – Nick Manning

20160830_102530Nick (@ManningHelpDesk) is a Junior at Ash Grove High School and a student in the ASSIST help desk. He is brother to Lindsay Buckley, (@Lbuckley08) the Librarian at the Ash Grove School District in southwest Missouri. His dream is to attend college for computer science and make innovations in the computer and technology industry. His Google Apps Jam is working with Google Forms and creating polls and tests.