Basic Google Translate Functions

Google Translate is a very useful tool to interpret foreign languages to a language you understand. Translate allows you to travel across the world and be able to function without the language barrier. It is also great a tool to interpret full websites online.

Basic Translate Feature

You can type in any language into the the translate box and google will recognize the language and translate to the selected language. You can also paste text into the box.


The translated text will appear on the right side of the text box. This text is copyable.


Translating Whole Websites

To translate a website copy and paste the URL into the translate box. The click on the blue hyperlinked URL in the translated section. This will translate the website to the language that is selected.


In some cases, Google will recognize a site is in a different language and you can click the translate button on the far right end of the address bar next to the bookmark star.

Saving Phrases

You can save phrases that you have translated by clicking on the star in the translate box under the translated phrase.


The saved phrases can be accessed by clicking on the star shape to the upper right of the translate box.


Sharing Phrases

You can share a translation with people via Email, Twitter, or Google+. To share click the furthest right tool at the bottom of the translation box and select the option you want to use.


When you share via Email, it will automatically be copied into a new Email draft.


When shared via Twitter, it will create a tweet with the translated information ready to tweet.


When you share via Google+, It will create a post that you can comment on.screenshot-2016-12-13-at-10-33-20-am

Questions and Comments

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